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Warehouse Logistics (WMS)

Warehouse Management System

Manage your paperless warehouse with the leading edge technology solutions from SUREWARE.

Imagine a paperless warehouse. Imagine picking from a UPS or freight shipping label, scanning the label with a radio frequency bar-code gun and being told the exact bin location to go to. Imagine then scanning the location and the carton you desire and having the picking process done for this item. Then, when all the items for an order have been picked,Imagine having the computerized billing as a totally automated process.

Imagine an interface with UPS and/or Fed-Ex Ground that eliminates all need for manual entry on these systems.

Then Imagine picking and putting away by scanning the items that have come in and simply scanning the location you put them in and being done. Even Imagine producing your own bar-code labels for items that are not pre-labeled by your suppliers.

Add to all of that the ability to take a physical inventory by simply scanning the goods in each location and you now begin to see the power and functionality of SUREWARE's Logistics capabilities.

Your Imagination has now become reality!