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Spirits and Wine Software

Software for Spirits and Wine Importers, Producers and Distributors

This WHISPER software for the Spirits and Wine industries is build on our PCS Process Control Software and our WHISPER ERP software. WHISPER provides everything you need to run your business. This page describes the special capabilities for Spirits & Wine companies.

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System is designed following the guidelines 27CFR Part 19 of (Federal Treasury) Distilled Spirits Regulations, and TTB audits have proven that the data flow is in compliance.

System completes ALL mandated reports and audit trails to prove the reports.

* System handles all necessary units of measures required (WG, PG, Liters)
* Work Orders for Processing and Bottling
* Bill of Lading tax calculations
* Inventory tracking of bulk, processed and finished goods
* Control States
-->> Can move goods under own ownership from bonded warehouse to the bailment warehouse, and report the federal excise taxes.
-->> Track the value of that inventory that now has tax and transportation fees added to it.
* Federal Tax Report
* NJ State Tax Reporting – all schedules
* Other states can be added as needed
* Other State Tax Reporting
* Importing – calculates the federal excise tax, duties, and all other charges for you, and prorates all fees to the cost of the item.

Benefits - Time savings

Federal Taxes – used to spend 11 hours per month (5 hours logging data throughout the month, and 6 hours for report preparation); now takes 5 MINUTES

State Taxes – used to take 2 ˝ weeks in a 2 month period; now takes 4 HOURS

The system eliminates the need to retain records of past filings and audit trails; can access prior periods at any time to recreate reports. For example, Laird & Company used to have to keep a hand-written list of bills of lading. They can now print the listing for any time period, which justifies the numerical sequence.

TTB Audits

* The Federal Tax Report program printed out for any period in time; the system then provides an audit trail to back up the tax report.
* The system allowed TTB to make statistical sampling selections. Provided them with easier access to information, in the format they wanted to see, instead of digging through files.
* It took them 4 months to audit 4 years worth of data. Without the system, this would’ve taken at least 50% more time.

Cash Flow

In addition to all of the other tools available in the WHISPER Software Solution, the Federal Tax Report is also used as a cash flow forecasting tool, to determine what their tax payments will be. The period 16th through 31st must be paid by the 15th of the following month. Can run the report mid-period to see where they are, or on the 31st to see what will actually be due on the next 15th.

Data Control

The Standard Effective Tax Rate is broken down on the bill of lading, and is also on the listing (NOTE: some people don’t use the standard every time, by item).