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Import Tracking Software

The WHISPER Import Folder

Our importing module includes tracking of containers as they move from port to port until they arrive at their final destination. As a shipment is planned, you create and update a WHISPER Import Folder. The folder keeps estimated and actual dates of shipment, at port, arrival and more. Enter bills of lading, container, purchase orders and items coming in.

The system understands the special needs for processing direct orders and POE shipments where in-transit merchandise needs to be part of a separate inventory and is already an asset of the company.

WHISPER calculates duties and prorates them together with other landing costs to the individual items in a shipment based on sophisticated formulas for accurate costing. Then the report that compares anticipated costs with actual helps with problem awareness and provides insights for better cost planning.

A variety of expediting tools rounds out this module to help ensure that your goods arrive when needed.

Prorate costs

The system will prorate landing costs to individual items by determining the percentage of the total shipment used for an item and applying that percentage to any of the importing costs. This is the list of things that can be used to prorate costs:

  • Weight

  • Cubes

  • Cartons

  • Dollars

  • Pieces

  • Proof Liters (for importers of alcohol products)

A container with a light weight but bulky item like packing material may be mixed with a heavy, but small item like machine parts. For this situation, we have formulas that use a combination or weight and cubes to prorate costs. WHISPER can also apply a cost evenly among the orders on a folder.