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Our name

The name of our company is SUREWARE. In certain sciences and in economics, the word "delta" is often used to represent change or to measure change. One might ask "What is the delta between those two values?" when wanting to know the difference or change between them.

We use delta in our name to indicate our understanding that in the software industry, no product or service can retain a leadership position without continuous change.

The word "Vision" is used to represent our vision of the future. We then put the two words together to form the name SUREWARE.

The Company

Founded in 1996, SUREWARE has become, a recognized leader in the field of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for importers and distributors. SUREWARE designed and developed the WHISPER software solution and provides full end-user and VAR support. WHISPER, SUREWARE's WHolesale and Importing Solutions and Products, Engineered for Results, is sold directly by SUREWARE and also through Value Added Resellers (VAR's).

For itís VARís, SUREWARE provides second tier support while the VAR provides the direct support of their customers. For companies that license WHISPER directly from SUREWARE, the company provides first tier support.

WHISPER starts at the beginning of the Supply chain and continues through shipping the goods from the distributor's warehouse. It handles the logistics to track goods coming in either imported or domestic and then manages your inventory in the warehouse and processes customer orders to get goods shipped on time.

Optional add-ons such as graphical and document Imaging and RF warehousing for paperless picking, counting and receiving add to the power of SUREWARE's software offerings. Please choose one of the links on the left side of this page for more information on SUREWARE and its products and services.

SUREWARE also specializes in Internet security, secure remote access, managed security monitoring and support of computer networks. Our remote failover solutions provide a low-cost way to keep a company operating even when your primary server is down.